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The TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization (TRACCERT for short) is a global entity based in Canada and started with the aim of providing trainers the opportunity to get accredited in line with the world-renowned standards of Canadian training and learners with a means by which to identify training companies that provide world-class training. As a specialist in the field of Accreditation and Certification, TRACCERT has the expertise to elevate your training experience to the next level.

We are an organization accrediting training centers for process quality of the training they provide. We are not a training institute, college or university. Hence, we do not issue any regular credentials for formal education. We issue certificates to those who attend the training and/or programs with our accredited partners. These certificates are not issued under any authority from any province or territory of Canada. Rather, they are certification of the fact that the holder has attended a program with one of our accredited training partners. These credentials should not be taken as formal education credential issued by a Canadian institute or equivalent. The authority to award those credentials remains with the training partners. We only issue credentials as means of verification of training provided based on the information received from the training partners.

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Whether you are an individual trainer or a company providing training to learners, you put dedication and diligence into your work. It is about time you get accredited and earn the trust and respect you deserve from the industry and the learners. TRACCERT is the right choice for you to start your journey towards excellence.

The accreditation is very cost effective; the training organization only pays for the audits and the review fees. TRACCERT accredits trainers/companies for only three years. After this timeframe, a re-accreditation process is conducted.


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TRACCERT, Training Accreditation, Training Certification
TRACCERT, Training Accreditation, Training Certification
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Attending a course with TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization’s accredited trainer itself is a smart choice: it is money well spent as the training provided by accredited entities is governed by global standards and best practices, so a high quality is naturally assured.


Also, when you attend an accredited course, you have the choice to earn a certificate of attendance/completion directly from TRACCERT. The certificate is verifiable on our website and is a sign of trust and respect for your hard work.

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