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Accreditation indicates that the accredited organization has achieved an appropriate level of organizational proficiency and that it has reliable mechanisms in operation to continually improve the quality of services it delivers.


British Columbia  (Canada)

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As the labour market becomes more competitive, employers are hiring people with credentials that attest to their skills.


New Burnswick (Canada)

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What do we do?


We are dedicated to offering accreditation and certification services tailored to the unique needs of non-formal training programs, encompassing both trainers and learners.


Accreditation Services:

Our accreditation services extend to individuals engaged in providing expertise in their respective fields, endorsing their authorization to offer training. This accreditation covers regulated professions as well as non-regulated subject matter experts who conduct coaching and grooming courses, whether at personal or professional levels.


Additionally, we provide accreditation services to training providers and organizations not involved in formal education. Whether they are small-scale operations or large enterprises, we evaluate and endorse their training processes to ensure quality and compliance.


It's important to note that our accreditation services do not apply to formal education institutions such as primary and secondary schools, colleges, vocational colleges, or universities. These entities have their own established accreditation bodies at both national and international levels. However, we do provide accreditation for institutions offering specific programs that do not require official recognition or accreditation.


TRACCERT Accreditation is specifically designed for programs offered by universities, including degree programs, distance and online education, and inter-university collaborative postgraduate programs, from countries not mandating accreditation schemes for certain offerings. Our accreditation focuses on higher education and complements, rather than substitutes, national recognition or accreditation. Local and national accreditation obligations remain the responsibility of all applicants, including training centers, colleges, and universities, where applicable.


Certification Services:

Our certification process is characterized by its uniqueness. We issue verifiable certificates to learners who have participated in accredited courses through approved training partners.


We want to emphasize that we do not issue certificates to individuals who have not attended an accredited course through one of our approved partners. The certificates we provide serve as verifiable credentials based on the recommendations of the training provider. We do not sell credentials directly to individuals. Whether the learner attended an accredited course in-person or online through an approved partner, we grant them an attendance certificate, which is verifiable based on the verified participation.


For transparency and verification, we maintain scanned copies of the certificates in our database, along with comprehensive information about the learner, the training center, the specific course, and its duration. Anyone interested in verifying a certificate can easily do so by entering the unique verifiable ID on our website's verification page.

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