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What are your benefits?

There are numerous benefits that our learners enjoy.


Why to be CERTIFIED?


In today's competitive job market, finding a position that aligns with your knowledge and skills can be a daunting task. Employers often prioritize certain criteria over others when making hiring decisions. Holding a certificate from an international organization signals that you've completed a relevant course through approved training partners.


The TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization not only awards you certificates upon successfully finishing your training with one of our accredited trainers or centers but also offers prospective employers the convenience of verifying these certificates through our website. This streamlined process requires just one click to confirm your course attendance, instilling trust and credibility in your resume and potentially helping you secure your dream job.


It's a common scenario that certificates issued by non-standard training providers, despite the effort and cost involved in earning them, often hold minimal value. Our certification process, on the other hand, not only ensures trust and confidence but also provides genuine value for your investment.


Here's how our certification process works:


  • First, learners receive training from an accredited trainer or training company. The "Accredited" status is granted only after a thorough audit process, encompassing evaluations of trainers, resources, facilities, course materials, and management procedures.


  • Second, candidates receive certificates from a global organization, which are distributed directly through the trainers. These certificates include the learner's name, course details, attendance dates, and information about the training provider.


  • Moreover, these certificates feature a unique, verifiable ID. Anyone, including potential employers and higher education institutions, can easily verify this ID on our website. This attribute significantly enhances the value and credibility of the certificates, affirming their authenticity.


  • Certified learners also have the convenience of downloading a digital copy of the verification certificate at any time by logging into our website's systems. This streamlined process ensures easy access to your certificate whenever you need it.

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