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Verification Process.

Unique ID Verification!


Every certificate is furnished with a unique identification number, prominently displayed on the front.


To authenticate a certificate, follow these straightforward steps:


  1. Visit Our Website: Head to our website.

  2. Access the Verification Page: On the homepage, you'll find a conspicuous link labeled "Verify a Certificate." Click on it to proceed.

  3. Input the Certificate ID: In the designated box, enter the certificate's unique ID.

  4. Click "VERIFY": After entering the ID, simply click the "VERIFY" button to initiate the verification process.

  5. View the Verification Results: The verification results will promptly appear in a new window. These results will include:


  •    Your name

  •    The course you attended

  •    Dates of course attendance

  •    The name of the training provider

  •    The training provider's unique ID


Additionally, a link will be provided to access and download a copy of the verification certificate, providing you with a convenient means of confirming the authenticity of your certificate.

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