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Accreditation Process.

Rigorous but rewarding exercise!


We must admit that it is not easy to acquire the accredited status. If you are looking for any quick wins, we’re afraid you are at a wrong place! All our accreditation applicants have to undergo the full audit process – which may take a few weeks or months – before receiving the accredited status. However, we promise to hold your hand all the way and guide you through the process.


•    First, you need to apply for the accreditation. You can fill in the online application form and start the process.


•    We will review and respond to your request, and send you the required documents.

•     Once we get you filled in on the accreditation package, we will review it and advise you about the gaps, if any, which need to be worked on and the improvements that need to be made before the accredited status can be granted.

•      Now, how much time you take to satisfy the audit requirements is up to you. Once we get the complete evidence and information that you fulfil all requirements based on our standards, we will grant the certificate of accreditation to you.

•       Then onwards, you remain an accredited partner for up to three years (depending on committee decision). At the end of this period, a re-certification audit will take place to verify your status.


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