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Certification process.

Simple and easy process to get certified!


It's essential to clarify that we neither sell certificates nor engage in certificate exchanges based on life experiences. The acquisition of a certificate requires active participation in approved courses, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the certification process.


The certification process is straightforward:


  1. Choose Your Courses: You have the flexibility to select the courses that align with your educational goals and interests.

  2. Locate an Accredited Trainer or Training Institution: Find an accredited trainer or training provider in your region or explore online options that suit your preferences. 

  3. Attend the Approved Course: Actively engage in the approved course with your chosen accredited trainer or training provider. 

  4. Enrollment on TRACCERT Portal: The accredited trainer will facilitate your enrollment on the TRACCERT portal, ensuring that your progress is appropriately tracked. 

  5. Course Completion and Certification Fees: After successfully completing the course and settling the required certification fees, your trainer will notify us of your achievement. 

  6. Certificate Delivery: We will promptly dispatch your certificate either to your registered mailing address or directly to your trainer for your convenience.

  7.  Timely Certificate Receipt: Expect to receive your certificate within approximately two to three weeks, reflecting your dedication and successful course completion.



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