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Your Benefits?

Accreditation is not free, but brings value to you!



"Accreditation is the formal recognition, by a third-party entity, of one's competence to perform specific tasks."

- United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)


Inspired by the same dedication and diligence that underlies the concept of accreditation, the TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization was established. We conduct third-party audits and extend recognition to training providers who adhere to our rigorous standards, which draw inspiration from international best practices and closely align with the content of ISO 29990 and the EFQ quality model.


We fully appreciate the tremendous effort and dedication involved in delivering high-quality training to learners at all levels. However, recognition at the international level often remains elusive for individual trainers and training companies. This is where the TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization steps in to provide accreditation for your hard-earned accomplishments.


To attain the coveted "ACCREDITED" status, it's imperative to understand our audit process and meet the stipulated requirements. Upon earning this status, you will experience a multitude of benefits:


  • Enhanced Trust: Your students and learners will place greater trust in your efforts, knowing that you are an accredited individual or company.

  • Improved Service Delivery: Our rigorous audit process will significantly enhance your training delivery, bringing it to a level akin to ISO standards, thus ensuring better service quality.

  • Cost-Effective Accreditation: Our accreditation process is not only effective but also cost-efficient, promising an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) for your accreditation journey.

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