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TRACCERT ensures that our accredited training providers and certified learners/students fully benefit from the credentials they earn after rigorous efforts. This is why we have a certificate verification process online. Through this service, we enable anyone who wishes to verify the accreditation or certification status to do so by simply providing the unique ID from their certificate in order to see a copy of the certificate online. This process eliminates the risk of fraud or of duplication of any credentials provided by TRACCERT.


Accreditation Verification

Accreditation certificates are issued to the training providers who qualify as per TRACCERT standards.


The certificates of accreditation are issued to trainers or training companies for a period of three years. After this period, the re-accreditation process takes place.

If you are just testing the verification process and not the actual certificate, please use this trainer ID: TR102615


Certification Verification

Certificates are issued to the learners/students.


Students and learners are provided with the certificates once they attend the course with an accredited training provider.

If you are just testing the verification process and not the actual certificate, please use this Certificate ID: TC101215

Please use the search tool provided below to verify the certificate awarded to an accredited trainer or a student.


The search results, if positive, open in a new window as pop-ups. You can print or download certificates from that screen.

Please note that you need to allow POP UPs in order to get the search work properly. 

The accreditation process is rigorous but easy to follow and helps to gain students' trust at all levels.


Following the accreditation process was one of the finest academic journey I took and most rewarding one as well.



An individual trainer

MENA region



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